Alternative to marriage and relationship counselling

No matter if it is lack of communication or constant arguing; an affair; loss of love, interest or trust; intimacy or closeness challenges, or whatever your current situation is, your best solution is to get a good, rock-solid relationship education, that gives the results you want.

Discover what the needs are of your partner and how to fulfill them.

I have never heard of anyone who left their partner because they were totally satisfied.

Save yourself thousands of dollars and months or even years worth of counselling or therapy, or from getting divorced by igniting and saving your relationship.

An Introduction to Awaken Their Passion – 7 Secrets of Great Relationships

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A Workshop for Everlasting Love

“It is always too early to quit” – Norman Vincent Peale.

With my workshops, it is expected for you as a couple to be in love again, have passion, excitement, romance, communication, and how to keep it that way.

Become more of a man to bring out more of the woman your wife is.
Become more of a woman to bring out more of the man your husband is.

*Graduate with a Certificate of Achievement at the end of your Program*


If you are having a very hard time emotionally with frustrations, hurt, betrayal from being cheated on, guilt, constant arguing, being rejected, or anything else, it could be best before you attend the Coaching Programs to have some therapy. This is not talk therapy like what a Counselor or Psychologist would use. I am talking about the literal letting go and being free emotionally, mentally and with bad habits being replaced with more empowering ones. A variety of techniques are used to ensure you get the results you want and are comfortable with.

Common Relationship Issues

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Learn from those who have travelled the path before you and succeeded! Here is what our couples have to say.

We now communicate now on a deeper level. We understand each others’ feelings. There is a closeness i never thought possible.

Marrianne B.

I’ve always taken courses for other people (my job demands it) and this was for me.

Judy. T.

I like myself a whole lot better and not only has my personal relationship improved yet also my professional life as well.

Rebecca. M.

I never realised how many negative emotions i carried with me. I feel much freer now. And i did the Coaching sessions and it has opened my eyes.

William. C.

I had previously been in a few hurtful relationships. I have taken the lessons and it awakened me to new levels of understandings with my wife.

Michael. M.

The therapies have put me back on my life’s path. Now I am much stronger and positive and I’m moving on. The process helped me because it got me off worrying and I could sleep well and get things off my mind easily.

James. D