Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)

Rational Emotive Therapy is a form of therapeutic psychology that emerges from behaviorism. It attempts to use reason and rationality to recognize self-defeating cognitive processes, and learn to emote more appropriately. Effectively, the idea is that subconscious destructive behaviors are consciously acknowledged and then subverted in favor of more constructive behavior. It is an active-directive psychotherapy, the aim of which is to resolve emotional and behavioral problems and disturbances and to help people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

RET is a comprehensive mode of relationship therapy that takes a double-barreled psychotherapeutic approach of helping all the partners in a relationship to accept responsibility for their own disturbances and failings and to work at correcting these – while, at the same time, helping them to understand and work actively at changing the marital or family system in which they are relating and the conditions in this system that are contributing to their practical and emotional problems. Rational emotive relationship therapy includes a number of features. Namely, it stresses the cognitive or philosophic “causes” of emotional disturbance and of family disruption; it teaches partners that they largely disturb themselves and that they can effectively refuse to continue to do so. It employs a number of techniques to help couples achieve a profound philosophic reconstruction that will, hopefully, lead to elegant and permanent change.

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Rational Emotive Therapy

With guided discussion, we aim to have your negative emotions be rationalised and hence disappear.
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