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Ernie Sulovic B.Msc MASC(NLP) EFT-ADV Office: +61 (0)2 9708 3752    Mobile: +61 (0)424 430 230 Email:
"We now communicate now on a deeper level. We understand each others' feelings. There is a closeness i never thought possible." - Marrianne B.   " I've always taken courses for other people (my job demands it) and this was for me." - Judy. T.   "I like myself a whole lot better and not only has my personal relationship improved yet also my professional life as well." - Rebecca. M.   "I never realised how many negative emotions i carried with me. I feel much freer now. And i did the Coaching sessions and it has opened my eyes." - William. C.   "I had previously been in a few hurtful relationships. I have taken the lessons and it awakened me to new levels of understandings with my wife." - Michael. M. Please note : Full names of satisfied clients are not disclosed for privacy reasons.
Confidentiality assurance notice : All our client’s info is 100 percent confidential and their email is safe and never exchanged to any third party