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Ernie Sulovic B.Msc MASC(NLP) EFT-ADV Office: +61 (0)2 9708 3752    Mobile: +61 (0)424 430 230 Email:
Are you single? Can’t find the right person? Are you alone? Feeling lonely? Can't find someone, let alone the right person? Do you believe all the good ones are taken? Do you think you are too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, too poor, too rich? Do people just want you for your looks or money? Do men really only want sex? Are women only after your money?
Allow me then, to shine a torch, for you. As on the main page, i can assist you with providing a complete (or part) relationship package. Clear the blocks; know what you want; add positive resources; do the goal setting; let it be. The Detailed Personal History will let us know why you are at, where you are. Let that go, and may the future be. Once you have let go of things from your past, you may chose to do the Relationship Coaching Program so you are better prepared for when you enter a relationship. The choice is yours and so is your future. Contact Ernie at Everlast Therapies now, for more information or to make a booking.
"The past doesn't equal the future, unless you focus on it.” --- Anthony Robbins  "The future isn't written yet so make it a good one.” ---  Doc Brown, Back to the Future III)
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