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Ernie Sulovic B.Msc MASC(NLP) EFT-ADV Office: +61 (0)2 9708 3752    Mobile: +61 (0)424 430 230 Email:
Fees and itinerary
Fees and Itinerary (Sessions) Cost: $150AUD per session (Discounts may apply) Sessions: 1-2 hours long. Either done in person at my office or via Skype (Everlast Therapies). Skype sessions must be paid prior to session via Paypal or electronic bank transfer. Method of payment: Cash Credit/Debit Card via Paypal. You will require an email address Electronic bank transfer (ask for details) Bookings and Exceptions:
Please feel free to call our office on 02 9708 3752 to organise a booking.
If we are out of office as often is the case, we will get back to you as soon as we can, to organise a time that suits
you. Cancellations: A 24 hour notice is required for full refund. Less than 24 hours notice forfeits any refund. More than 24 hours notice is appreciated to change session appointments. Standard itinerary #1: Therapy (6-8 sessions) (Based on averages. Every person, couple and relationship is different and hence the amount of the therapy sessions can vary widely). The reason i do the therapy component first is it clears the way forward for our future sessions and your life in general. There is no point of giving you an hours worth of relationship coaching with a given assignment, only so that when you get home and immediately upon seeing your partner, you get angry, argue or whatever, making the hour we spent talking, get lost down the rabbit hole, never to be found again. I begin with one partner at a time. I do the questioning phase of discovering and eliciting what is going on, and best way to assist you, individually and as a couple. Individual sessions:   First 2-3 sessions. Group session. I continue to do more eliciting or alternatively start with the therapy.   Sessions 4-5. Individual session. In here I provide basic relationship information and continue doing release work. Quite often, humour abounds.    Sessions 6-7. Group session. Work with Values.  Session 8 (usually final therapy session). Group session. Tie it in all together.  Please be aware this is a general format and every couple has it’s different shapes, size, density, structure, format etc, and hence may sway off the standard model shown above. Now, the real good stuff begins. You are emotionally free to start pursuing the life you’ve always wanted. You are aligned, and hopefully ready to rock ‘n roll (at least, internally) Standard itinerary #2: coaching (a preset 7 individual sessions for each partner) Each session, i provide coaching, on a specific relationship theme, with notes provided and an assignment to be done before the next coaching session. I teach the mens’ course to women and the womens’ course to men, hence why they are individual sessions. Upon full completion of the Relationship Coaching component, you can apply for a Certificate of Achievement from Everlast Therapies Relationship Coaching Course, at no extra cost. It may be provided in your individual names, or as one under family name). Relationship Coaching Program 7 part program for him: $150 x 7 sessions = $1,050 7 part program for her: $150 x 7 sessions = $1,050 Total = $2,100. How much are you saving financially and emotional stress from going through a divorce. If you want to make your relationship work and make it the best it can be, and create that sizzle, this is the program for you. Broken Hearted? Are you crying yourself to sleep? They are always on your mind? Ripped your heart out? Drinking to numb the pain? Generally speaking 6-8 sessions yet can take a tad less or much longer. Each person has their own personalised style, response, response rate and ease of getting to core issues. If you utilise 8 sessions: $150 x 8 = $1,200 How much is emotional and mental stability worth to you if you chose to go back or start with someone else? How much did you put into your previous relationship, and what did you get from it? A fresh start is best done with a fresh you. Are you alone? Shy? Find yourself tensing up when approaching people? Generally speaking 6-8 sessions yet can take a tad less or much longer. Each person has their own personalised style, response, response rate and ease of getting to core issues. If you utilise 8 sessions: $150 x 8 = $1,200 If you are ready and feel you have so much to give of yourself to someone and you simply cannot or haven't found them, this program is for you. "Other Issues"   Cost: $150/session   Session 1: Do a Detailed Personal History. Obtain your desired outcomes. Session 2: Begin the therapy Group sessions New and innovative! A 10 week program to get your relationship in the best shape possible. The program consists of: 1.  3 therapy sessions- Find out your past. Discover your desires. Release anger, sadness, hurt, guilt and fear. Release and replace limiting decsions and beliefs. Elicit your values. Add potential positive resources. Set up your goals. 2.  7 relationship coaching sessions Groups will be comprised of 3 to 6 people at a time, of men only and women only per session. Please check the online calendar to know the schedule of our Group Sessions, and notify us of which suits your needs best, so we may book you in (availability pending) Pricing:  $100 per session per person (33% off individual session price) If you pay for the full 10 week program upfront, you will receive a further discount of 10% off the already discounted price (making it a 40% discount off the standard price) and only pay $900 in totaL ($90 per session per person). N.B.  For a husband and wife team, this is a total of only $1800. Wouldn’t a break up or divorce cost you much more? Additional information: It is understandable that in some cases clients may require more than 3 therapy sessions than what is in the 10 week program. In these situations additional individual sessions may be booked and at the same discounted price of $100 (or $90 per session for clients who paid in full, upfront). It is also known that in rare situations, clients are unable to to attend a booked session, for whatever reason. In these situations it is recommended to book an individual session at the same price of your other sessions to keep the flow of therapy and coaching relatively even. Although possible, though not recommended, you may be able to book in with another Group
Confidentiality assurance notice : All our client’s info is 100 percent confidential and their email is safe and never exchanged to any third party