Getting married? Married? Does your relationship need a boost? Consider our relationship coaching sessions.

Married, newly married or you sense your relationship needs a tune-up or boost?

You know (or may be are questioning) that he or she is the one for you? You’ve made it through so much together, and you feel you are destined for one another. You love them to bits. Can’t stop thinking about each other, their touch, their smell, their humour.

You may instinctually know that love isn’t enough. There are relationships dynamics involved. What are the rules of the game? Are there rules to love? Are your beliefs, rules, values in harmony?

Hence, consider going through our Relationship Coaching Program. A 7 session program for him, and a 7 session program for her.

Why? Because men and women are different, especially in the area of relationships.

  • Unearth why we fall in love and then use it to stay in love, forever. It is probably not what you think.
  • You will discover what the needs of your partner are and how to fulfil them.
  • Uncover some of the differences between men and woman so as to not take things personally.
  • How to have your man hopelessly and passionately fall in love with you forever.
  • Know what a woman looks for in a man as well as what it is she wants from you.
  • Communication skills that with a couple of slight changes may have your partner feel more understood. 
  • The longetivity, happiness and success of a relationship according to women is romance. Learn ways of being romantic with your partner. It doesn’t have to be expensive. 
  • If you are bored with each other, then you are boring. Start by introducing positive surprise, variety, and spontaneity and much more. 
  • In short, how to bring love, romance, passion, fun and communication into your relationship. You deserve to have a mate who loves you with their whole heart and soul, worships the ground you walk on and will do anything to make you happy. This will not happen by chance or luck.

Having this solid practical knowledge is your insurance and assurance to lead your relationship to where you want it to go and could be like.

Our program

Married, newly married or you sense your relationship needs a tune-up or boost?

To keep your relationship alive, love is not enough. Learn the secrets of what men and women truly want to achieve the greatest amount of emotional fulfillment and have your relationship survive the tests of life.
Our program